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200 Club

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The club is always looking for new members to increase both its contribution to the League and also the size of its monthly payouts.  It costs a yearly subscription of £12 to be a member, which enters you for a monthly draw with three prizes currently being £100 for the winner, £50 for 2nd and £35 for 3rd.  In addition there is an annual draw at the Champion of Champions with a prize of £150. Click here to obtain an Application Form which should be returned to Margaret Skinner, the Organiser.

There will not be any draws at the moment
The big prize will be drawn later in the year when everything gets back to normal
April 2020
1st Prize    £100.00      Ian Pears (Angmering)
2nd Prize   £50.00       John Fry (East Worthing)
3rd Prize    £35.00       Betty Head (Sussex Saints)
March 2020
1st Prize    £100.00      Julie Armstrong (Arun)
2nd Prize   £50.00        Jean Andrew (Durrington)
3rd Prize    £35.00        Chris Baker (Durrington)
February 2020
1st Prize    £100.00      Jo Patience (East Worthing)
2nd Prize   £50.00        Jenny Ashman (Foxwood)
3rd Prize    £35.00        Jo Patience (East Worthing)
January 2020
1st Prize    £100.00      Chris Ayling (Individual)
2nd Prize   £50.00        Ennis Allum (East Preston)
3rd Prize    £35.00        John Miller (East Preston)
December 2019
1st Prize    £100.00      Maureen Finn (Worthing)
2nd Prize   £50.00        June Harrison (Foxwood)
3rd Prize    £35.00        Pam Gudge (Rustington)
November 2019
1st Prize    £100.00      John Curran (Foxwood)
2nd Prize   £50.00        Hazel Taylor (Tarring)
3rd Prize    £35.00        Peter Dyer (Foxwood)
October 2019
1st Prize    £100.00      Gillian Cater (Durrington)
2nd Prize   £50.00        Margaret Finch (Arun)
3rd Prize    £35.00        Rita Elliott (Tarring)
September 2019
1st Prize    £100.00      Barbara Russell (Tarring)
2nd Prize   £50.00        Colin Tomsett (Rustington)
3rd Prize    £35.00        Quentin Roberts (Individual)
August 2019
1st Prize    £100.00      Barbara Russell (Tarring)
2nd Prize   £50.00        Terry Wakeham (Durrington)
3rd Prize    £35.00        Ian Pears (Angmering)
July 2019
1st Prize    £100.00      Jenny Ashman (Foxwood)
2nd Prize   £50.00        Clive Lemondine (Rustington)
3rd Prize    £35.00        Theresa McCabe (East Preston)
June 2019
1st Prize    £100.00      Stig Anderson (Heene-Woodside)
2nd Prize   £50.00        Linda Warner (Old Barn)
3rd Prize    £35.00        Hilda Green (Durrington)
May 2019
1st Prize    £100.00      Pat Ceccarelli (Arun)
2nd Prize   £50.00        Kathy Gardiner (Worthing)
3rd Prize    £35.00        David Excell (Heene-Woodside)
Annual Bonus Draw  £150       Jean Andrew (Durrington)