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Competitions - Results and Reports

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 League Competitions


The Larry Stone Trophy 2019

The New Season of Short Mat bowling opened with the traditional match between the winners of last years Division 1 Old Barn and winners of Division 2 Foxwood.Old Barn were trying to retain theTrophy they had won last year. After 5 ends Foxwood led by 2 shots overall.

It had changed by the Tea Break and Old Barn werein front on two mats and led by 7 shots 33 to 26. Things took a dramatic turn over the next few ends with Ivan Godsmark rink scoring 13 shots in 6 ends. The overall score with each club having won a mat was Foxwood leading by 1 shot, 57-56 with the last end to be played and Old Barn holding 1 shot.

It looked like a draw but with the last wood of the match CarolTaylor nudged an Old Barn wood into the count to give Old Barn the narrowest win ever in this Trophy Match by 58 shots to 57 and so just managing to keep the Trophy.

Congratulations to Old Barn and commiserations to Foxwood for a truly memorable match. Finally thanks to Anne Knight and all her helpers also to Sussex Saints for setting up the hall and equipment for the day.


Larry Stone winners 2019a 

Wiiners Old Barn receiving their trophy


 Larry Stone runners up 2019a

Gallant Runners Up Foxwood - so near and yet so far!



The Celebration 5s 2019

 The second Celebration 5s Charity match took place on Sunday 27th January at West Park School with all League Clubs supporting the event and taking part in the competition.

This competition is played as a combination between one set of Pairs (5 Ends) and then a set of Triples (6 Ends) all players bowl with two woods their scores are combined to provide the end result.

As everyone arrived in good time the event got off to a good start with all the first matches starting on time. Due to the size of the venue and the numbers of teams the competition was split into two groups A and B. After three games had been played Group As’ teams result was

West. Worthing won 1 game, Angmering won 1 game, Tarring won 3 games, Sx. Saints 0 games, and Heene-Woodside won 2 games and Rustington won 2 games.

A similar result was taking place within Group B.

Old Barn won 1 drew 1, Worthing won 3 games, East Worthing 0 games Foxwood won 2 games, East Preston won 1 and drew 1 and Arun won 1 game. There was a break for lunch and once refreshed all teams returned to the fray. Each game if won gave the winning team a score of 2 points and although there was clear winner in Group A (Tarring) who won a greater number of their matches it was a different story in Group B. Once completed there were two teams with 7 points and it came down to shot difference with Foxwood taking the group by just four shots.

The final took place between Tarring and Foxwood and although a lot of players left the venue there was still a substantial number supporting both teams. Tarring managed to get off to a good start by taking the Pairs, leaving Foxwood with a challenge to not only overcome their lead but to pull ahead. Foxwood fought back and managed to pick up a number of shots but Tarring remained focussed and kept up the pressures which led to their victory. This year’s winners of the Celebration 5s for the second time are Tarring.

As any money raised on the day is donated to charity, Tarring were asked which charity they would like the sum of £250.00 to be donated to. Tarring has chosen the Alzheimer’s Society. The League treasure visited Tarring on Friday 1st February and handed over the cheque,

Both Paul Mason and Jim Gray thank you all for taking part and also thank those that supported the event behind the scenes, without this support there would be no event.


The winners, Tarring, receive the trophy



Gallant Runners Up, Foxwood



Schofield Cup 2019

The twenty second Schofield Cup event took place on Sunday 13th October at West Park School. Twelve clubs entered the competition and around seventy players took part on the day.

Clubs were drawn in two groups (A & B) with six clubs in each group. Every club played all the other clubs in their group giving each club a total of five matches throughout the day. Teams were awarded two points for a win and one point for a draw with zero points for a loss, so could if winning all their matches achieve a score of ten points.

After three matches had been played the leading teams in Group A were Old Barn with 4 points and Arun with 6. All other teams in the group were showing a score of 2 points. In Group B the pattern of points was more mixed. Again two teams were out in front Foxwood with 4 points and Tarring with 5.Three other teams within the group were sharing a common score of 3 pints these were Worthing, Heene-Woodside and Sussex Saints. Within Group A the tussle for making the final was between Arun and Old Barn with both teams on 6 points before playing their final game. Old Barn were up against East Preston and although they fought hard the vagaries of the mat and East Preston’s play led to them losing their final match, with Old Barn finishing on 6 Points. Arun had only faltered once in their steady progress to the final by losing to Old Barn by just one shot in game four. Their final game against Rustington continued their winning progress and they won the match by ten shots to six. This result gave Arun a clear lead within Group A finishing on 8 points thereby ensuring their place in the final. Group B played out a little differently as it all hinged on the final match and the final game between Foxwood and Tarring. After the fourth match Foxwood were holding 6 points and Tarring were holding 7. Tarring could afford to draw but Foxwood had to win to ensure their place in the final. The result of the final game was seven shots to Foxwood and three shots to Tarring which gave Foxwood the final score of 8 points and a place in the final.

The final was played over nine ends between Arun and Foxwood and Foxwood having won the toss elected to give the mat to Arun. This strategy gave Foxwood and advantage as they took the first two ends and were holding a score of four shots. Arun were not fazed by this and pulled back two shots in the third end. Foxwood remained steady and gained a further two shots at end 4, showing a score on the board of Arun 2 and Foxwood 6. Arun remained focused and managed to pull back one shot at end 5 and built on this by taking the sixth end with a further two shots. The board then showed a score of Arun 5 shots and Foxwood 6 shots. With three ends to go it was still an open competition and either team could be named as champions. End 7 was won by Foxwood with 2 shots and they managed to build on this by winning the eighth end by one shot. Going in to the final end the score was Arun 5 shots and Foxwood 9 shots. Although a tough ask for Arun given that the scoring throughout the match had been low they could still win or force a draw, if they could manage to gain four shots. Unfortunately for Arun they were unable to build on their scoring rate and won the end by one shot. The final result was Arun 6 shots and Foxwood 9 shots and Foxwood were declared the winners of the Schofield Cup for 2019. 

Final Results            GROUP A Points                                                GROUP B Points

                            ARUN                          8                                 FOXWOOD                        8
                            DURRINGTON            2                                 HEENE-WOODSIDE         7
                            EAST PRESTON         6                                 SUSSEX SAINTS              4
                            EAST WORTHING      4                                 WEST WORTHING           1
                            OLD BARN                  6                                 WORTHING                       3
                           RUSTINGTON              4                                 TARRING                           7


 Schofield Winners 2019

Winners Foxwood receive their trophies from League Secretary Jim Gray


Schofield Rns-Up 2019

Runners Up  Arun receive their consolation prizes from Jim Gray



Champion of Champions




Non-League Competitions


The Arun Charity Cup Competition was played at the Littlehampton Wave Centre on Sunday 20th October in which 16 teams took part.  Some of the teams taking part do not play in the Worthing League. Norfolk Gardens and Arundel play in the West Sussex League and there were non-league teams from Meridan. Angmering and Mewsbrook.
All teams played 3 matches, each lasting 35 minutes a game, and at the end of the games the points were added up to see who had won and who were runners up. The winners were Arundel and the runners up were Mewsbrook B.  Both teams had won 3 matches out of 3, so it went down to shots for and against and Arundel were slightly the better of the two.
The Mayoress of Worthing, Helen Thorpe, witnessed the event and presented Arundel with the Arun Cup. and Mewsbrook B with their runners up trophies.
Event organiser Brian Miller presented the Mayoress with a cheque for £150.00 to be split between her charities "Care for Veterans - NSPCC. out project, Coastal West Sussex Mind or Family 
Everybody enjoyed the afternoon with some good bowling Meridian {who don't play in the league) had one of the highest scores of the afternoon winning one of their games 11 - 0 .
Tea and Refreshments and the Raffle ended the Afternoon.
Dave Norgrove
image2 (2)
The Mayoress presents the Cup to John Kinnard, the winning Captain.
 image1 (2)
The winning Arundel team with the Cup and their medals

 image4 (2)


The Mayoress presents the Mewsbrook B Captain with the runners up trophy


 image3 (2)

 The Mayoress with the Mewsbrook B team and their cup and medals.