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Competitions - Results and Reports

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 League Competitions



The Celebration 5s 2019

 The second Celebration 5s Charity match took place on Sunday 27th January at West Park School with all League Clubs supporting the event and taking part in the competition.

This competition is played as a combination between one set of Pairs (5 Ends) and then a set of Triples (6 Ends) all players bowl with two woods their scores are combined to provide the end result.

As everyone arrived in good time the event got off to a good start with all the first matches starting on time. Due to the size of the venue and the numbers of teams the competition was split into two groups A and B. After three games had been played Group As’ teams result was

West. Worthing won 1 game, Angmering won 1 game, Tarring won 3 games, Sx. Saints 0 games, and Heene-Woodside won 2 games and Rustington won 2 games.

A similar result was taking place within Group B.

Old Barn won 1 drew 1, Worthing won 3 games, East Worthing 0 games Foxwood won 2 games, East Preston won 1 and drew 1 and Arun won 1 game. There was a break for lunch and once refreshed all teams returned to the fray. Each game if won gave the winning team a score of 2 points and although there was clear winner in Group A (Tarring) who won a greater number of their matches it was a different story in Group B. Once completed there were two teams with 7 points and it came down to shot difference with Foxwood taking the group by just four shots.

The final took place between Tarring and Foxwood and although a lot of players left the venue there was still a substantial number supporting both teams. Tarring managed to get off to a good start by taking the Pairs, leaving Foxwood with a challenge to not only overcome their lead but to pull ahead. Foxwood fought back and managed to pick up a number of shots but Tarring remained focussed and kept up the pressures which led to their victory. This year’s winners of the Celebration 5s for the second time are Tarring.

As any money raised on the day is donated to charity, Tarring were asked which charity they would like the sum of £250.00 to be donated to. Tarring has chosen the Alzheimer’s Society. The League treasure visited Tarring on Friday 1st February and handed over the cheque,

Both Paul Mason and Jim Gray thank you all for taking part and also thank those that supported the event behind the scenes, without this support there would be no event.


 The winners, Tarring, receive the trophy from League Secretary Jim Gray



Gallant Runners Up, Foxwood



The Larry Stone Trophy 2018

The Larry Stone Trophy match is played between the league winners of the first and second divisions and is the event that indicates the beginning of the Short Mat League bowling season. This year’s match took place at West Park School between Old Barn (First Division Winners) and East Preston (Second Division Winners). The scoring of the match is different to League matches in that it is the total shots scored by the respective team that decides the winner and not the score from each individual mat.

The match got off to a good start and the combined scores after 7 ends were Old Barn 20 and East Preston 16. At the 10th end there was a break and mats 1 and 3 were more or less cancelling one and other out with Old Barn on Mat 1 leading 10 shots to 5 and on Mat 3 East Preston 11 shots to 5. On Mat 2 East Preston were finding it hard to overcome the dominance of Old Barn who were leading by 14 shots to 4, still as they say “ It All Changes After Tea”. Following a refreshing break in which a lot of tea, coffee and cake was consumed everyone returned to the match ready to resume the competition. The game was progressing well for Old Barn on Mat 1 until the 11th end as they were still in the lead 11 shots to 9 and then East Preston caused a major upset by taking the end with a “Hotshot” of 8 shots pushing them into the lead 17 shots to 11. Old Barn recovered well from this set back and by the 17th end had managed to narrow the gap to 4 shots. The situation on Mat 3 at the 17th end still had East Preston in the lead but Old Barn had worked hard and reduced the advantage to 3 shots. Unfortunately for East Preston on Mat 2 they refreshment break had not stopped Old Barn from continuing their domination of the game and they were leading the game by 21 shots. The overall total shot score at this time was Old Barn 54 shots and East Preston 40, giving Old Barn a lead of 14 shots. On every mat, each team was totally focussed on winning the end and increasing their shot total and trying to win the Trophy. Individual teams were so focused on covering the jack that throughout the match there were a number of incidences where the jack was knocked off the mat and the end had to be replayed.

This year it was Old Barn that triumphed and claimed the Larry Stone Trophy with a total shots score of 60 to East Preston’s shot score of 49. Congratulations to Old Barn for a worthy win and commiserations to East Preston who were unable to close the gap although they played to their usual high standard.

Finally the League must thank Sussex Saints for all their hard work behind the scenes as well as on the day. Without their support the Larry Stone Trophy competition would not take place as they set up the hall, lay out all the equipment and manage the refreshments and when it is all over clear everything away. Sussex Saints thank you.

Jim Gray

 2018 winners

Winners Old Barn with the Cup and their mascot


2018 runners up

Runners Up East Preston


Schofield Cup 2018

The first Worthing League Tournament of the short mat bowls season took place at West Park School on Sunday with twelve teams taking part. Due to Durrington being unable to field a team there were only eleven clubs entering the competition. Following an appeal for clubs to enter an extra team, East Preston were drawn from the pool and therefore entered two teams to ensure equality between the two separate groups.

As everyone arrived early the competition was able to start at 9 O’clock which provided some flexibility throughout the day when playing individual matches.

 After three games, Group A was still fairly open with three clubs in close contention. Foxwood and Old Barn were on six points and Tarring just behind on four. This was about to change as Old Barn continued their winning ways by taking all the points from their last two games leaving them clear winners of Group A with ten points. Foxwood were runners up with eight points having failed on the last end of their game against Old Barn to retain their lead and losing the game by one shot.

Group B showed a different picture as after three games the highest scorers were Arun on six points and East Preston (A) on four. Unfortunately for East Preston (A) they were carrying one loss from their previous games and then came up against Arun and Heene-Woodside who both managed to win. Arun never put a foot wrong and continued to dominate the group by winning every game. The final result of Group B gave Arun ten points with their closest rival Heene-Woodside achieving six points.

 After a short break and the draw for the raffle the final between Old Barn and Arun took place. The match was played over nine ends and Old Barn made steady progress throughout the match with Arun working hard to reduce the shots being made. Unfortunately for Arun they were unable to pick up any high scores, winning ends by just one shot and making little inroads on Old Barn’s lead. Old Barn winning the final end sealed the result and this year’s winner of the Schofield Cup is Old Barn.

It is clear that Old Barn have a strong team as currently they are League Division 1 Champions, winners of the Larry Stone Trophy and now the Schofield Cup. Congratulations to all at Old Barn for their efforts and success.

Jim Gray

 2018 winners (2)

Winners Old Barn with their trophies

2018 runners up

Runners-up Arun with their mementoes



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